A Closer Look at the Hexad

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Written by Khadesh Honeth

It is often assumed that the Hexad is made up of three Kings and three Queens, ruling Fonnelaxus from the Great Temple. In reality, this is not so. There has been a common misconception about our political ranking system that must be disillusioned once and for all.
High King Jaden Devore and High Queen Laria were in fact the Emperor and Empress of Fonnelaxus. As brother and sister, they ruled beyond our fair nation, extending their iron rods into the rest of the vast Pheonix Pride Empire. With the High Royalty being Emperor and Empress, this leaves the Seconds as the true King and Queen. They are, however, by no means “involved.”
As most people know, Queen Aerianna Devore is the wife of Emperor Jaden. However, most people do not realize that in the event of their marriage, Aerianna and Laria switched ranks. Aerianna is now the Empress, and Laria has become the Queen.
King Sheowabbajack, the mysterious figure of madness, is the true king of Fonnelaxus. Close examination of his reign implies a princely upbringing. See my earlier book, A Closer Look at the King, for more detail on this monarch.
Next we look at the Thirds. Being in fact, the Duke and Duchess, there isn’t any romantic involvement between them either. Duchess Taia Leonhart is engaged to King Sheowabbajack, and oversees Deis and Soulthirst. .
Duke Neco Aequitas has discovered his own lovely bride, governing the Iridescent Mountains and Blood Mountain.
Steadily decreasing in power, we come to the Counts and Countess. Count Armiel Ridgeback is in charge of the Dead Coast and the Salt Mine Operations. I, however, may have the hardest task. As the Count of the Fonnehame Coast, my job is to arrange peace between the barbaric tribes of the west and the civilized peoples of the rest of the nation. (Countess {Brittany’s Fire Elf} gets Firmare)
Count Ridgeback’s son, Veron Ridgeback, is the Viscount of Frostbourne, and his daughter Alaris is the Viscountess of Drakehold. My three sons are the Viscounts of Rumnaheim, Bloodvale, and Ashrime. Due to the restrictive laws overseeing Soulthirst, an Archon is elected every three years to rule Lyconia, Nosferatia, and Cambiare.
Decreasing even more we come to the numerous unnamed Barons who are the landlords of each city’s districts.
Having revealed more about political rankings within Fonnelaxus, I hope I have achieve the lessening of civilian ignorance and increased the potential for future intelligent conversations within the subject of our Royalty and Nobility.

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A Closer Look at the Hexad

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